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My Approach

"You're the driver while I'm the navigator; I may have a map but you're the one behind the wheel"

My therapeutic style is, first and foremost, collaborative. I believe in my clients' capacity for healing, but what that looks like is up to them. My personal experiences taught me the value of understanding how one's cultural, societal, and family backgrounds impact individual experiences, as well as one's perception of these experiences. Trained in systemic theory, I help individuals and couples understand their stories within the context of family, cultural, and societal systems. Since such systems are highlighted and examined throughout the process, I am sensitive to issues of diversity regarding race, religion, gender identity, sexuality, ability, or socioeconomic status. I empower my clients to examine and challenge the stories they have been telling themselves and to utilize their unique strengths and talents to create change throughout the therapeutic process.



I tailor my approach to match my clients and often draw from:

Bowen Family Systems Theory

Narrative Therapy

Attachment Theory

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy

Gottman Couples Therapy

Friendly Conversation



Anxiety & Stress Management

Life Transitions

Multicultural Identity

Relationship Issues

Communication & Conflict Management



Family Dynamics 

Grief & Depression

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